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Our world is on perpetual Fast Forward. This lifestyle has bred a people who are sedentary, overstressed and undernourished. Our Coaches have come together to provide a balanced realistic approach that is tailored for you and your lifestyle.

Balanced Wellness is about connecting, finding your center, and nourishing your mind, body, & soul. We are focused on educating and coaching you to a lifestyle change that will result in multiple benefits.

What is NeWellness

  • NeWellness is fitness for the people and focuses on using the best piece of equipment ever invented...the human body! NeWellness promotes movement and getting back to the basics to achieve optimal fitness and health. Through use of education, small group fitness classes, and activity workshops, we are helping others instill fitness into their everyday lifestyle.
  • Services We Offer

    • • Fitness and Wellness Coaching
    • • Corporate Workshops
    • • Community Events